Corporate Learning & Development Services

Training & Development

Training and development are important to not only an individual’s growth but to an organization’s success. This is because engaged employees are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. Engaging in programs that increase employee morale and satisfaction lead to better job performance and higher unit productivity levels. Investing in training and development also decreases turnover and reduced expenses for an organization. Learn More

Restorative Workplace Practice

Conflict will occasionally happen in even the most positive workplaces. When people experience inappropriate behaviours at work, relationships are damaged and the entire workplace suffers. Restorative practice can be used in workplaces both to prevent these issues from happening and to address them when they do occur. Where situations have already arisen – for example in cases of disrespectful behaviour, harassment, misconduct, strikes or lockouts, emotional and verbal abuse, intimidation or bullying – restorative practice can be an effective way to restore the workplace. Learn More

Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are generally offered to employees when the employment engagement has ended. This can happen because the employer needs to restructure, lay off, or terminate an employee or group of employees. In these situation companies often offer third-party outplacement services to help the individual navigate their career transition.

Employee outplacement is an affirmative and humane approach to organizational change that allows the employer and the employee to transition through the separation with dignity, understanding, and mutual respect. It is a winning proposition for all concerned parties. Most companies do not have the in house resources, nor is their often the trust from the employee, to deliver these services effectively. Learn More

HR Coaching & Mentoring

In Ontario most non-profits operate without an HR department, and most of the time they never need one. However, boards of directors occasionally need to revisit outdated Human Resources policies/practices or find themselves confronted with a complex human resources challenge, and no internal expertise. With 20 years of experience working in Human Resources we can help. Learn More