Helping your teen be successful

It is what every parent wants. For their child to do well in school, pursue a career they will love and be independent. What can you do to help them get there?

You should start talking to your teen early about career and education options by the time they are starting grade 10. Let them know you are going to support them and their efforts to achieve their dreams. This may seem hard to do if you have not budgeted for a college or university education. If you have a defeatist attitude about your child getting into or afford a post-secondary education they will too. However if you create a positive expectation about going on in schooling, they will cultivate that attitude too. Happily usually where there is a will there is a way.

Guidance Counsellors in the school system can only do so much right now. With many schools having 700-1400 students and only a few guidance counsellors, the counsellors are often forced out of necessity to spend time with the kids who are falling behind not the ones who are pulling ahead. However there are tools available that can help both you and your teen take control of their future.

The first tool is the Strong Interest Inventory. This report can help identify career streams for your son or daughter. By identifying career families early on your teen can take courses that will lead them toward their goals. We all know teens who have had to go back to pick up credits because they did not prepare for college or university application until their last year of high school. The report also helps your teen build self confidence that there is something out there for them, they just have to go get it.

The second tool is the MBTI Step II assessment. Forget men are from Mars and women are from Venus- teens can seem like they are from another galaxy. This tool will help them and you understand their personality, the good and the areas they need to develop. The teenage years are often ones where kids feel isolated and misunderstood. This 20 page report gives them some grounding that they are normal and that there are other people out there just like them.

Next encourage them to use this site to find out about the careers they are interested in and to help them look for job. We’ve created a space just for them!

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