Resume Writing

How Does It Work For Resumes?

Your resume begins with an initial intake call to gather the initial requirements for your project, and set expectations for the rest of the process, including delivery timelines, revisions process, follow up, and support. My general process is laid out below.

If you are ready to get started please contact me to setup your  intake call.

Initial Call

The initial intake call typically lasts between 30-45 minutes, during which time we will discuss:

  • your present employment situation,
  • what challenges you have been experiencing with your resume, or in your job search,
  • what kinds of positions you’re targeting,
  • and discuss your background in more depth.

This is really our strategy planning session to determine how you want to position yourself to potential employers, and what key points you would like the resume (and LinkedIn) to communicate about you.

Don’t worry if you’re not used to talking about yourself – most people feel like they are bragging if they talk about themselves!  Part of my job is to ask the right questions, and gain the necessary information that I need in order to make you sound great on paper!

And while I do realize that great job opportunities might pop up while we are working on the resume, I cannot speed up the timeline once we’ve already begun work, as I have a very specific schedule that I need to stick to in order to produce the best work for you!


The typical turnaround time for resumes after completing the initial kickoff call is 5-7 business days (cover letters and other documents may require less time). During our initial intake call, I will set an expected deadline for each document.  I do my best to stick as close as possible to those timelines (the job search process moves quickly, after all!), my main objective is to deliver a product that reflects the level of quality for which I’m known, and for you to have an exceptional product which you paid for. So at times, this may extend our timeline a day or two. I will always keep you updated of any timeline changes.

Response Time

I typically respond to inquiries, questions, and feedback very quickly. Please allow 48 hours for me to reply. Email is always the best/quickest way to reach me, as well as the preferred method for revisions or follow up questions.

I run Ready2fly as a passion not a vocation, and I operate during evenings and weekends. Since many people are working full-time or attending school this usually works out well for everyone. Please ask about my availability and I’ll try to accommodate.


Two rounds of revisions are included for your each document in the resume writing package you purchase. There is flexibility as long as we don’t change the scope/direction of your resume after the document is written. My goal is to deliver a resume or document that you’re fully confident presenting to the world, and that you feel markets your value effectively. I am always willing to make changes to ensure that objective.

In order to ensure that I am able to deliver your finalized documents in the timeliest manner, I typically request that all revisions and feedback be provided to me within 1 week. At that point, I will strive to turn around your changes within 2-3 business days. Please note that, while you may certainly take additional time to review any and all documents, it may take me a slightly longer timeframe to turn around your revisions as a result.

I encourage former clients to come back to me with revisions, updates, or changes as their career progresses, whether it’s creating a new version of a cover letter, or updating a new position on the resume. For those I consider very minor tweaks, I will not always charge, while for those requiring a little extra work, I charge my hourly consulting rate of $50/hr.

Communication Methods

Email is always the easiest and quickest way to reach me for follow up questions and revisions, and I prefer to reserve phone calls for our initial intake session, in order to keep things on schedule. The easiest way for me to be able to turn around any changes to respond to issues in a timely manner is to receive your feedback in an email, or marked up directly in the document.

Payment Policy

Payment is required within 48 hours of our initial intake call in order to begin work on the resume.  I cannot start work on any projects until payment is finalized, and failure to do so in a timely manner may push back the delivery timeline. I accept cash, cheque and e-transfer through Interac.

Satisfaction Policy

Because there are multiple variables involved in the success of the job search process, I cannot offer a one-size-fits-all guarantee based on numbers or timelines. However, I do guarantee that if you are unsatisfied with your final product, I will continue to work with you to find a solution and get it to a place that you are happy with. I encourage you to provide your feedback and take advantage of the revision process.

Additionally, if you feel that you aren’t receiving an appropriate level of response to your resume after working together, come back to me within 3 months and I will re-evaluate the document to see if there is anything we can tweak for better results.