Student Services

Ready2Fly offers educational consulting that helps students, ages 14-24, make a broad range of educational decisions.

My child has no idea what he/she wants to do – do you help with that?

Yes, I offer a broad range of personality, interest and career surveys.  These tools help students explore: who they are, what careers/occupations are right for them, what they want to study, and what school environment is the best fit. I will recommend appropriate surveys based on your student’s age and objectives.

What is the process?

I will come out to meet with the family and student to discuss what I do and how I can help. While the parents are ultimately who pays for the services, the student must feel comfortable that they are being not being coerced into participating in something they see no benefit in. It is therefore important that they want to participate.

If the student wants to explore their options then we discuss which tools to use and whether a package or individual assessments make more sense.

Assessments are done online and the student will be provided with both a paper and an electronic copy of their results. This is done when we have our second meeting. At that meeting it is up to the student to invite the parents. This can be a difficult pill to swallow, after all the parents are the ones paying. My experience is that students can feel anxious about what might be said and want to hear it for themselves first.

Usually the student will then ask the parent to join them. This is great because then I can listen to their explanation to their parents and provide enhancement or correction and know that they understand their results.

Depending on what services are selected this may be the last meeting or the start of a series of meetings to plan which schools they want to apply to based on the creation of a career plan and the design of a resume to gain experience related to their career path.