While employment and job opportunities exist in almost every market most people want more than this. They want a career. Finding a career path allows you to move past the knee jerk reaction of  “How can I find work?” to “How can I enjoy my working life?”. This virtual career center has been set up to help you answer questions such as “What is the right career for me?” , “Is it too late for a new career?’, “Are there aptitude tests for certain careers?” and many more.

Job Search This is not to say that “How can I find work?” does not need to be answered quickly because it is much easier to find a career when you have some form of employment income coming in and are gaining new skills that you can market.  To get helpful ideas to answer the question “Where can I find a job?” go to our job opportunities page. Check out our services and resources within our career centre.

Career Assessment Tests This career assessment test matches you against literally hundreds of careers, 30 basic interest scales and six occupational themes. By completing the Strong Interest Inventory you can pick a college major, get useful information about a planned career change, or simply get validation about the choices you have already made.

Personality Assessments While it may seem like a personality test or a personality quiz Myers Briggs Type Indicator is really a very powerful tool for understanding yourself. It can be used for assisting in determining which career or college major to pursue to enhancing relationships with co-workers, family or friends.

Resume Writing Most people would prefer to write a resume themselves, unfortunately most people don’t realize they need a resume until they are either unexpectedly out of work or presented with an opportunity where they need a resume. With 15 years of experience in HR we can quickly put together the perfect résumé because good resumes get good jobs.

Resume Review Already have a resume? Getting it reviewed professionally can save potentially costly mistakes. Most people have difficulty editing their own work. Let an HR professional who has screened thousands of resumes review yours to see how it will stack up.

Interview Coaching  Need some help getting ready for a big interview? Let us coach you through answering questions so that you will feel calm and prepared for the interview. We will use worksheet and mock interview techniques to ensure you will have the confidence you need to answer any question with ease.

Portfolio Development Developing a portfolio is an affirming way of demonstrating to yourself, and employer or a post-secondary institution all that you have accomplish. Working over 8-10 weeks, we will go through a series of activities and assessment tools that will give you insight into what you what to do and how to get there. When done to challenge for credits at the post-secondary level it is called PLAR- Prior Learning and Recognition.

Finding a career path is a lot harder than finding employment. The good news is there are new careers emerging all the time and career options are exploding. Finding the perfect career for you is made a lot easier with career assessment tests.

Aptitude and Assessment

There is a difference between an aptitude test and a career assessments. An aptitude test attempts to measure your skill at something and then relates that back to a career. So as an example someone who demonstrates an aptitude (skill) for math might make a good accountant because accountants need that skill set. The only problem is being skilled at something doesn’t mean you like to do that thing. How many people suffered through lessons on something they hated because their parents insisted. Eventually you will develop an aptitude- you will get better at it, but you may never like it!

A career assessment can measure you against two different aspects of job satisfaction your interest and your personality. What studies have shown over time is that people who do certain occupations share similar interests and personal characteristics. By conducting career assessment quizzes like the Strong Interest Inventory we can assess how many characteristics and interests you share with people who love their jobs. This seems to be a better match than the aptitude tests, because if you love something and find the job interesting you will learn how to do it.

The other way to approach this is to assess personality. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used tool for this in the world. Similar to the Big 5 theory Myers Briggs assess on four scales. For more information on this tool click here.