Interview Coaching


How most people feel during an interview

Interviewing is a critical stage of the selection process. It is often your first chance to present yourself to the potential employer, and first impressions are very important. There are numerous studies that have been done that tell us the first impression you make is the one that sticks. Unfortunately many candidates don’t make a good impression because they are not prepared.

Interviewing is skill. Just like any other skill, the more you practice it the better you get. The problem is most people don’t practice for an interview. All musicians  rehearse before going on stage as an example the Rolling Stones often rehearse in Toronto before setting out on tour. Yet the majority of people who are going for an interview think they can walk in and wow as though they had the “moves like Jagger”. The reality is Mick Jagger spent years getting his moves down; candidates for interviews should be spending a minimum of 10 hours preparing for a one hour interview.

There are two techniques that are very effective. The first is writing answers out to questions that you will likely be asked. The second is practicing your responses aloud with a partner who can critique your responses and coach you on giving better answers. We can help with both.

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