Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Many people find them themselves wondering “Who am I?” We often wonder this because we feel misunderstood or lack confidence to be our true self. Self esteem and self confidence are strongly linked to understanding and embracing your personality. There are many personality theories such as Myers Briggs, type A, and the Big 5 theory. The heart of all these theories are to attempt to answer the question of who am I.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) continues to be the most widely used personality test available. It is grounded in theory and research. It attempts to marry the questions “Who am I?” and “What should I do?” and does so with a great deal of accuracy. While the Big 5 theory has gained in popularity, many in the career advisory field feel this theory does not fully explain a persons personality in the same way Myers Briggs does.

With Myers Briggs (MBTI) you  can only get valid results by using the assessment tool and how you self report your personalty with a certified specialist. The MBTI is now available online to be administered by a certified MBTI practitioner. This means you can get your results quickly and discuss them within a few hours or days rather than making two appointments to meet with a practitioner.

Unlike the free personality tests that are offered on line, the real Myers Briggs has a fee and a trained professional must discuss your results with you. The reason is that a computer can’t answer “who am I?” for you. It can get close to your true personality, but you need to validate your results with a professional and change them if you feel it is necessary.