Resume Examples

Resume Examples

Note- In North America there is a distinction between a curriculum vitae (cv) and a resume. For information on a cv scroll down. For resumes continue on.

There are three types of resumes that are traditionally written, which one you write depends on a number of factors. See below to discover which is right for you.

Each example resume has instructions on how to complete the resume template. Once you have reviewed the resume template you can click on the header to provide you with a sample resume that has been completed using the template.

Chronological resumes are used when you are:

  • staying within the same job family (cook, short order cook, chef, caterer)
  • looking for a promotion (sous-chef to chef)

Functional resumes are used when you have

  • little work experience
  • been out of the workforce for a long period of time

Combination resumes are used when you

  • want to change from one line of work into a totally different line of work like Bob in the testimonials who went from aircraft mechanic into an administrative position
  • had a series of jobs that are unrelated or short lived
  • want to hide absences from the workforce

Curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae or “cv” is written in a different style and is generally only used by people who are working in academia or in science/research positions. If you are interested in cv sample resume and the proper curriculum vitae format click here