Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Most people would prefer to write their resume and cover letter themselves. Unfortunately most people don’t realize they need a resume until they are either unexpectedly out of work or presented with an opportunity where they need a resume ASAP. With 15 years of experience in HR we can quickly put together the perfect resume because good resumes get the jobs.

I teach a resume writing course every month and every month I see people successfully put together a good resume using the templates we provide. However every month I also see people who are stressed and frazzled and can’t seem to get much farther than putting their name at the top of the page. It just seems overwhelming. This is often compounded by the problem that most people wait until they need a resume to write a resume!

In my blog I will be offering resume writing tips and in the resources section you will find samples and examples of resumes, cover letters and curriculum vitaes (cv).

However if you can’t wait and need help, we are here for you.

What makes a good professionally written resume? One that reflects your personality, is targeted to the industry or job family that you want to work in and is at your level of skill with computers. What you don’t want is something so professional looking that you couldn’t possibly have written it yourself.