Summer Jobs in February

Many students and their parents don’t start thinking about summer jobs until, well, summer. However, summer jobs start being posted right now for spring and summer opportunities. With Canada@150 happening this year, even more student jobs are available to help make our tourist attractions easier to navigate, our cities more beautiful and ensure there are enough flags are the local stores for everyone.

The various levels of government have been posting for the last few weeks. Many municipalities have already closed their student hiring, but you should keep checking back as most apply for grants that aren’t approved until March or April, and then they start hiring again. Non-profits also apply for these grants and they start hiring in the spring too.

It isn’t just government that hires students. Lowes is doing a national blitz this week and nurseries and garden centres are gearing up for their season. With changes to the migrant labour regulations, employers must search for Canadians willing to do the work traditionally done by migrants. While most students don’t want to spend 40 hrs in an apple orchard or mushroom farm, a full-time summer job at minimum wage is over $5,000 and that will help to pay for college or university tuition.

Students should look at the career centres at the institution they are attending. Employers will often target students in a particular program and only post at the college or university.

Lastly student need to have a resume that stands out. It needs to match their personality and target industries they are interested in. My advice is in February & March go after your target market for a summer job aggressively, with a beautiful tailored resume. If in April you haven’t had any interest, stop what you are doing, revisit your resume, re-target the market. Expand your reach and start to look at jobs outside your target market. In May you need to take any job. Ideally take a job in a smaller non-chain store environment where you can attempt to bring some of your skills to bear.

The notion that you will find an amazing summer job, totally in line with your career is a noble goal, but often the competition is steep. I worked as a seamstress’s assistant through high school. In university that first job got me one  in a bridal salon as a sales person. My work history and ethic got me the interview for a federal summer job in HR my third year of university. From that job, I was able to build a career. Never underestimate the value of hard work, anywhere. A good reference from Subway or Sears is better than no reference.

Below are some links to possible summer job sources:

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