Unemployment in Canada

Unemployment rates for Canada reflect those looking for jobs- whether they just started looking or have been looking for a longer period of time. In order to get a better sense of what is happening with unemployment we should look at how long people have been unemployed, not just that they are unemployed.

Presently the “average duration” of unemployment is 16 weeks or almost four months. This is, on average, five weeks longer than before the recession. It also has serious implications for the economy on a macro level and individuals on a micro level. Right now there are over 250 000 Canadians who have been out of work (and looking for work) for more than six months.

Part of this is because of a mismatch between the skills that workers have and the skills that employers want. If you find yourself unemployed, take a look at some of the programs that are available to those who qualify for Employment Insurance Programs to help with retraining.

In Ontario  some of the careers the government is willing to retrain you for are on the list of jobs where there is a skill surplus like bakers and butchers. So be astute and do some research before you start looking at retraining programs.