What is keeping you here?

Job Search- What is keeping you here?

Both my sister and I work in Employment/HR fields. I work and live in a small centre and she works in what I considerToronto. We often share stories about people seeking jobs and what their strategies are. We both see the same issue of people entrenched in their location regardless of the opportunities.

From the Toronto perspective it perplexes me why people hold fast to high priced apartments and work in retail, when they could move to a smaller centre, make the same money and have a higher standard of life. Conversely, it makes no sense to me when our young people stay in a small town with no jobs, rather than take a chance and make money in a larger centre.

Place is often very important to people- even when they don’t like the place! Think about what it is that keeps you in your geographic location and what it would take to make you leave.

About seven years ago my husband and I had to look at that question. We were both laid off from our jobs within a week of each other. We had been living on 2 acres just outside of the town we both grew up in. Both our mothers still lived there and with a two and a four year old, it made it even harder to think about moving.

However when the perfect job came up for me three hours away, we had to look at our attachment to the place and the people vs the realities of the job market. As hard as it was to leave our “home” we took the plunge and have been very happy we did so. While there are things we miss about our old hometown, we have found things to love about our new one. (It didn’t hurt that two years later my mom had the same internal struggle- stay in the same place or be closer to her grandchildren. The grandchildren won out and she now lives two blocks away in a nicer home and with all her old friends visiting and plenty of new friends found.)

It is not always possible or necessary to move geographically to a new job. But looking at all your options can open you up to a different and maybe even better life than the one you have now.